Simple message training from your phone -- anywhere, anytime

Content Coaching is the easiest way for communicators to practice your important story. Practice makes better communicators.

How Content Coaching Works

Questions, key messages and tips
are sent to trainees.


Trainees receive a text invitation to participate and they call when it’s convenient for them.


The call is a simulated Q&A. Trainees’ responses are recorded and transcribed.

Responses are analyzed by you or our Content Coaches. Trainees receive feedback and may repeat the session.

Why Use Content Coaching?

More than message training, Content Coaching is message practice

•  A clear, engaging story can be lost if it isn’t communicated well

•  Coaching complements formal training programs

•  Mobile coaching is an affordable way for communicators to gain practice


Message practice goes mobile to make it easier for everyone

•  No more dealing with schedules and travel logistics

•  Communicators can do this on their mobile devices any time of the day, any place

•  Communicators can practice in a non-threatening environment, it’s not intimidating

Practice alone doesn’t make perfect – feedback and learning do!

  • Individual feedback is provided with overall and specific suggestions to improve
  • Communicators can practice multiple times and, with coaching, can get better and better at delivering the important messages

Content Coaching does not replace formal in-person trainings. In situations where teams need to practice, where you may want to gauge the skills or readiness of a large team of communicators, or where logistics and costs of formal trainings are not realistic, Content Coaching is a great complement or option.

Who Needs Content Coaching


Communications teams

inside organizations


PR agencies to coach

client teams


Marketing teams for launch

or ongoing programs


Human Resources teams to

communicate sensitive information

and share policies


Leadership teams to inspire

employees and engage

extend audiences


Associations or not-for-profits

to better connect with constituents


Trade show teams to make

their presence more clear,

consistent and powerful


Government affairs teams

to communicate a clear

and compelling position