Practice Makes Perfect

Communicating a clear and engaging product or company story requires practice. Content Coaching is a

mobile app that provides an easy, cost effective way to create better communicators - whether coaching 4

or 4,000 people.

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How Content Coaching Works

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Upload Questions

From your mobile phone record questions that can be expected from audiences such as media, customers, employees, suppliers, etc. about your company or product story.

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Practice Content

With a simple text message from Content Coaching, invite communicators to a coaching session where they practice responding to questions on their mobile phones - anytime of the day, anyplace.

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Give Feedback

Access audio files and transcripts from each coaching session on your mobile device or laptop. Create your own or receive from Content Coaching analysis and feedback about each coaching session to share with communicators so they can learn and improve.

Why Content Coaching

Practice makes perfect

Content, and communications, practice for more people, more often at an affordable cost.

  • • A clear, engaging story can be lost if it isn't communicated well
  • • Coaching complements formal training programs
  • • Mobile coaching makes this an affordable way for communicators to gain practice
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Practice goes mobile to make it easier for everyone

  • • Administrators and program managers can set up questions on their mobile devices, on the fly
  • • No more dealing with schedules and travel logistics
  • • Communicators can do this on their mobile devices any time of the day, anyplace
  • • Communicators can practice in a non-threatening environment, it's not intimidating

Practice alone doesn't make perfect - feedback and learning do!

  • • See and hear what was really said - not an interpretation or summary
  • • You control the feedback ensuring productive, personalized coaching
  • • You can see the big picture across all communicators as well as each individual's capabilities and needs
  • • The more sessions you do, the more opportunities communicators have to learn and improve
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Who Needs Content Coaching

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Communications teams inside organizations

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PR agencies to coach client teams

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Marketing teams for launch or ongoing programs

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Human Resources teams to communicate sensitive information and share policies

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Leadership teams to inspire employees and engage external audiences

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Associations or not-for-profits to better connect with constituents

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Trade show teams to make their presence more clear, consistent and powerful

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Government affairs teams to communicate a clear and compelling position

Content Coaching was created by communications pros and is designed to enhance clear, engaging communications